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Since 1998, Lantone Systems has established itself as a leading industry player in the provision of IT solutions for MNCs and SMEs alike. We are equipped to offer a broad range of solutions that are tailored to meet the Computing, Network, Telephony, and Infrastructure needs of your organisation.


We take pride in creating highly efficient and resilient IT environments for our clients, allowing their enterprises to stay competitive and perform to their fullest potential.


People, Process, and Technology

At Lantone Systems, we emphasise 3 working principles above all else; “People”, “Process”, and “Technology”. Our
“People” are a team of passionate and highly skilled experts in their respective IT domains, trained in a “Process” that
emphasises a customer-centric approach towards working with clients, to help them capitalise on the latest IT trends
by implementing “Technology” that complements the clients’ strategy to optimise business operations.


Customer Satisfaction Is Our Raison D'être

We are committed to ensuring that our customers are satisfied with our work, each and every time. To that effect, we
never stop developing on our technical skills and abilities, so that we can maintain one of the highest levels of quality
in our services and capabilities in the IT solutions field.

Lantone Systems has set up development offices across 5 countries to cater to clients located all over the world. We
continue to strive for excellence in our service to our clients, and it is because of this that they retain their confidence
in the products and services of Lantone Systems.

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Block 10 Ubi Crescent
Unit 02-70, Lobby D Ubi Techpark
Singapore 408564

Tel : +65 6227 1149
Fax : +65 6223 2924

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Hong Kong: +65 6227 1149
USA: +65 6227 1149
UK: +65 6227 1149
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Mexico: +65 6227 1149


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