Disaster Recovery


Keep Your Business Up and Running
With a Solid Disaster Recovery Plan

Threats to business critical systems are many and varied. Natural disasters like flooding and fire, along with people factors, such as disgruntled employees or human error that lets in a virus, make it essential to have a disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

Timeline for
Disaster Recovery


Preparing for Disaster Recovery

When a disaster threatens to affect your organization, you need to be fully prepared to rebuild your operations and continue providing service and support to your customers.


Establish your desired Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and make disaster recovery choices based on identification of business tiers and mission-critical applications.


Clearly delineate how much of the security function will be managed by your provider and how much you are retaining responsibility for.


Understand your business application recovery tiers based on the impact of downtime to your business. This helps to determine the optimum solution with the right technologies and products for your various tiers.


Prepare specific recovery plans for each scenario of disaster, and then document the specific steps needed for each of those plans.


Understand current and future projects and initiatives to ensure they are considered.


Map your critical business applications to the underlying IT infrastructure. Document any interdependencies that exist between them.


Automate as many fail-over procedures as possible to take the human factor out of the equation.


To ensure that your disaster recovery strategy and tools will do the job, run regular tests to make sure that the backup plan works.

Disaster Recovery Services protects against the implications of workplace disaster:

Hot Backup Facility

We offer hot backup sites which provide a set of mirrored stand-by servers that automatically runs the recovery process once a disaster occurs.
Every night, we protect your business by sending copies of your critical data files to our secure offsite data storage facility.

Warm Backup Facility

A warm backup site acts as a preventative measure, as it allows you to pre-install your hardware and pre-configure your computer integrated systems. In the event of a disaster, all you have to do is initialize the software and restore your system.

Cold Backup Facility

Lantone Systems provides lower cost solutions such as cold sites, which is essentially a data centre space with network connectivity that contains all your critical data, ready for use in the disaster recovery process. Our engineers will help you move your physical hardware into our data centre and start the recovery process.

Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Building cloud storage into your disaster recovery plan can help redistribute the upfront expense of deploying on premise technology. Cloud-based disaster recovery services eliminate the need for site-to-site replication, as well as the cost of additional Disaster Recovery infrastructure and real estate. Your IT assets are in the cloud, located far away from the primary site, and you can be anywhere across the globe and restore your files 24/7/365.

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