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Server Technology

Every organization needs a scalable server infrastructure to keep up with business demands. At Lantone, our team will plan and implement an environment that can efficiently run business critical applications while making the work of managing, monitoring and protecting the estate easy.

As technology partner of reputable brands like HP, Dell etc, our team has access to the latest advanced technologies such as:

  • High performance servers that can handle the most demanding workloads and have embedded automation and intelligence to simplify their management
  • Suites of tools that allow administrator to maximize system uptime and health while optimizing server deployment and power consumption

Our team is equipped with extensive experience in the installation, implementation and optimization of enterprise-class servers to address and satisfy the data storage and IT operational needs of our clientele. Our server-specific expertise includes:


Technology-specific capabilities in solid state drive (SSD), de-duplication, FCoE, FS, SAS/SATA, ISCSI high-performance computing and server virtualization of host side stacks, network entities, and storage devices.


Tuning servers to each organization’s workloads to deliver optimal infrastructure performance and improved operational efficiencies.


Creating a robust server infrastructure that supports the organization’s goals and allows our clients to concentrate on core business.


Maximizing clients’ Return on Investment (ROI) on the server infrastructure.


Turning storage into
an enterprise utility

The explosion of electronic information and the demands around data management and regulatory compliance put organizations under increasing pressure to optimize their storage.

At Lantone, our team of storage specialists will take you from the pre-sales process to deployment and ongoing management. We can help our clients to address these challenges in a number of ways:

  • Make recommendation for an approach that seamlessly integrates storage with the entire ICT estate – virtualization layer, servers and networks.
  • Design and install storage solutions that meet each client’s unique business requirements.
  • Provide clients with the tools to manage and maintain the storage infrastructure.

Our Storage Solutions offers a number of benefits for the IT ecosystem of your organization. These are some of them:


Offer scalability and availability, turning storage into an enterprise utility.


Minimize the chances and length of downtime.


Improve visibility, security and business continuity.


Centralize and simplify storage management.


Provision the right disk type and storage performance for each workload as appropriate.


Reduces IT costs and complexity while offering high performance, high capacity and high availability in a virtual array.

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