Remote Offices/ Extension Mobility

Remote Offices & Extension Mobility

A single location for a growing business is typically not enough. With increment in personnel and capital, many businesses prefer to set up multiple offices to attract different regions of customers. With the advanced features and functionality that are offered through VoIP telephony implementations, remote offices can be linked up, regardless of their locations.

Choosing the right architecture requires boning up on the basic branch office VoIP architectures to facilitate integration with the centralized telephony infrastructure in the main office and ensure high-quality voice across the organization.

Extension Mobility is another service on the VoIP phone system which allows you to “login” to another phone, and for that phone to take on the personality of your usual desk phone. This allows you to make and receive calls as though you were at your normal desk, and mobile workers can gain the full functionality of their corporate phone system while on the road.

Our end-to-end solutions provide PBX functionality to remote offices, enabling auto-attendant and call routing, creation of small ACD groups, setting up of ad hoc conferences, using unified messaging and in general bring a lot more flexibility to addressing individual requirements. In addition, significant benefits in the form of reduced operations costs and capital expenditures in new offices can now be achieved.

Remote Offices/ Extension Mobility


We provide simple solutions for all your organizational needs. Our base offering includes features vital to an enterprise class IP-PBX system.



Remote offices are connected to the main office through the IP PBX system, allowing for seamless communications. When calls are placed, the work caller ID information is being passed as opposed to personal cell number, ensuring that the company’s brand is passed through to the clients and the employee’s personal details are kept private.


Hot Desk Extensions

Employees can be distributed extension numbers which they can use to log in to any VoIP phone in the office, removing the need to physically relocate hardware such as phones and computers.


Call Routing

Call routing software identifies individual callers based on caller ID, and automatically routes them to the respective agents according to preset criteria.


Office Rerouting

Incoming calls connecting to your integrated IP PBX system is rerouted to a local number prefix, which means expensive charges are avoided as they are based on the VoIP systems, instead of the local telco provider



Employees will have the ability to connect all of their phones to work with their extension. They are given access to a powerful In Call Menu that frees them from the desk and allows people to reach them at one number. The employees can easily transfer calls from one device to another and record calls right from any cell phone.


Voice Systems

Integrated IVR systems can automatically confirm appointments and undertake other administrative tasks, eliminating the need for manpower to carry out these tasks.



Monitoring systems provides the status of each extension in the remote office, and reports can be scheduled, allowing you to keep track of the productivity of the employees, regardless of their locations.



Remote Offices and Extension Mobility opens gates to countries all over the world, meaning that your VoIP systems can be utilized on an international basis.

The benefits:


Increased Efficient Deployment

Call centers can be deployed even when employees are miles apart. You can have a wide pool of manpower with different skills and talents without worrying about where to keep them in one roof so they can stay connected.


Increased Connectivity

On-call employees can integrate their mobile phones into the network. Employees who handle delicate matters can also go home and be contacted when they are needed. They do not need to hang around in the office waiting for something to happen. By being able to get through the network even when at home, they can fix small issues right away.


Lowered Costs

Efficiency of scale can be extended to each office without significant investment or telephone company costs. In addition, our solution can give you the ability to have local phones numbers from all over the country that ring your users, preserving the look and feel of a locally installed system. Resources like receptionists, auto attendants, call queues and answering groups can also be shared across all the offices.


24/7 Operation

The ease of establishing remote offices around the world makes it possible for your enterprise to provide services around the clock.


Easy Expansion

Utilizing a remote office environment to do away with the need for establishing physical offices means you can grow and expand your business operations much more quickly, especially to other countries.

Remote Offices and Extension Mobility allows us to utilize cellular networks to connect to a company’s PBX infrastructure. In essence, enhancing support extensions to both cellular and WIFI networks with dual mode phones.

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