Business Intelligence

Organizations need complete and timely information to make business and operational decisions to best manage their interaction with customers.

Along with workforce optimization solutions, Lantone’s customer interaction business intelligence offering enhances business and operational performance by focusing:


Management information systems

  • Management reports, trends and dashboards
  • Contact centre-specific and integrated business reporting

Analytics and the voice of the customer

  • Real-time and historical reporting
  • Agent desktop analytics
  • Agent quality and capability scorecards
  • Speech analytics
  • Post-call surveys

Benchmarking and best practice

  • Benchmarking of contact centre strategy and operations against industry vertical, local geography and global best practice

Benefits of our Business Intelligence Solutions


Revenue Growth

Your responsiveness to your customers’ needs creates higher customer satisfaction, which in turn enables top-line revenue growth.


Enhanced Visibility

There is overall improved visibility of the effectiveness of business and operations initiatives.


Employee Productivity

By identifying and correcting process and system inefficiencies, employee productivity is increased.


Lower Operating Costs

By adjusting customer interactions to align with trending customer behaviors, operating costs are lowered.


Market Intelligence

From information that your customers provide, you will obtain comprehensive market and competitor intelligence.

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