Network Design

Our Philosophy

Our team believes that a robust Information Systems network possesses 3 main characteristics, namely Information, Process/Functionality and Interaction.

Our Execution

Paramount attention is exercised to capture Information, Process / Functionality and Interaction. Properties such as emergence, control, and others are also considered.

Facilitating the Entire
Process for You!


Understanding the Scope


Our key project management functions encompass several projects such as providing wireless solutions, upgrading hardware and software and developing corporate standards of IT provisions beyond comparison.

App Development

Whether it is purchasing off-the-shelf billing systems or developing new capabilities for a customer relationship management system, we constantly target to provide enterprise resource planning systems which exemplify our telephony services.

User Support

Whatever needs to be done in technical assistance, we've got you covered. Enough said.

Cost Efficient

Excellent project management requires budgetary estimates – A cost estimate used to allocate money into your organization's budget for our telephony systems are clearly stated due to our open book policy of costing. This method would certainly determine the costs and benefits for project contingency.

Measuring Project Success

Particularly, we excel in project delivery by using performance metrics to quantify progress. This allows us to focus on the importance of measuring project adequacies, increasing customer satisfaction and lastly: scheduled awareness.

High End Tools

Lantone Systems optimally manages projects by increasing the usage of open sourced platforms. These tools provide robust capabilities when handling extremely large projects or diffused workgroups. Integrating open-source tools combined with our telephony solutions, grant our clients an "enterprise" structured view on business.

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