Networking Monitoring


Keep a Close Eye on
the Health of your Network

A network monitoring system monitors an internal network for problems. It can find and help resolve snail-paced webpage downloads, lost-in-space e-mail, questionable user activities and file deliveries caused by overloaded, crashed servers, dicey network connections or other devices.

With network monitoring, you can stay on top of your IT network, and resolve the root causes of downtime preemptively.

How important is network monitoring?


To maintain the network’s current health, ensuring availability and improving performance.


Track data moving along cables and through servers, switches, connections and routers to provide important real-time information.


A quick toggle allows you to switch to your redundancy systems with one click.


Optimal routing of alerts, alarms and other notifications.


Build a database of critical information that the organization can use to plan for future growth.

Why Network Monitoring is an Essential Part of your IT Ecosystem

Oversee an Assortment of Devices

Monitoring traffic is a fundamental task and generally focuses on resources that support internal end users. So network monitoring systems have evolved to oversee an assortment of devices: Servers and Desktops, Routers, Switches, Mobile phones.

Address Resource Management Issues

Network monitoring systems can continuously record devices as they are added, removed or undergo configuration changes. These tools segregate devices dynamically. Some common rubrics are: IP address, Service, Type (switch, router, etc.), Physical location. Such automatic discovery and categorisation of segments can help you pinpoint problems in your network, as well as plan for future growth.

Allocate Resources to Maintain System Integrity

A network monitoring system (NMS) will help to make sense of complex large environments, issuing reports that managers use to: Confirm regulatory and policy compliance. Measure latency, or the delayed transfer of data. Solve efficiency-sapping mysteries like dropped mail sessions. Spot overloaded equipment before it can bring down a network. Identify weak wide-area-network links and other bottlenecks. Find anomalous internal traffic that might indicate security breaches.

Critical Insight into Conditions Governed by an SLA

An effective network monitoring system (NMS) keeps managers up to date on whether a given device, service or application is meeting contractually mandated performance levels (SLA).

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