From the desktop to the data centre, Lantone’s virtualization specialists help our clients consolidate, cut costs and realize the business benefits of a more agile environment.

Virtualization is applied to optimize infrastructure for various scenarios:

  • Run multiple applications from a single server
  • Quickly provision an environment for test and development
  • Restore backups in minutes on Virtual Machines
  • Gain more control over the desktop and applications
  • Simplify the ICT estate from an IT management perspective
  • Turn the ICT estate into a cloud-ready environment

Our virtualization solutions significantly reduce the costs of operating a main database server. Clients can run their infrastructure on a single license instead of separate licenses on individual machines.

After deployment, our team thoroughly tests the new environment before it goes live. Following that, our engineers will transfer their skills to the client’s in-house team to let them run it or continue to keep it under our charge as a Managed Service.

Benefits of virtualization for your business

Improvement of ROI

Significant operational efficiencies are gained by adopting virtualization, due to platform capabilities (fewer incidents, less downtime, higher utilization), consolidation and green saves, as well as greater efficiency of IT staff (appreciably less rework, testing, and maintenance).

Resource Utilization

Single-instance server environments have embarrassingly low utilization rates. A 10 percent rate is considered nominal even under heavy workloads, which means 90 percent of your hardware investment sits idle most of the time. Virtualization allows you to use more of what you already have, pushing capital expenditures further into the future.

Facilitation of Corporate Management

Management can take advantage of the opportunities offered by the centralized server to facilitate easy tracking of information flows, quick configuration and dissemination of directives and commands to the whole organization.

Resource Allocation/Load Balancing

Virtual servers that are well-managed provide fluid resource pools that enable rapid response to varying workload requirements. This results in a reduction in operating costs and increased productivity, allowing organizations to focus on services that deliver business value.


The ability to automate many labor-intensive jobs of IT management, such as data mapping, mirroring and backup, is greatly improved because virtual resources now reside in the more ethereal software realm which is very fluid. Through a seamless automation platform, companies can execute faster provisioning of infrastructure or applications. This can save thousands in workflow costs and reduce the risk of errors.

More Uptime

Our virtualized systems are designed to be completely isolated from one another, operating the same way as if they are relying on separate hardware platforms. This gives the organization the option to conduct updating or servicing on individual systems without affecting others sharing the same platform, eliminating downtime during maintenance periods.

Disaster Recovery

A virtual environment can be up and running much faster than a physical one. As long as physical infrastructure is intact, provisioning and automation systems can have services restored within a matter of minutes. This improves recovery point objectives and lowers the overall cost of getting back on your feet.

Furthering Business Agility

Once virtualization has been introduced to the server farm, similar principles can be applied to the storage farm, I/O infrastructure and the desktop. The idea of creating many out of one promises to extend efficiency and boost performance across a wide range of systems, resulting in a leaner, meaner data center.

Moving to The Cloud

Once the organization has gone virtual within the data center, it is only a matter of time before they extend those capabilities to the outside world. Whether the organization opts for internal, external or hybrid cloud services, none of it is possible if they do not have the ability to virtualize their physical resources.

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