Network Infrastructure


Design, Install and Maintain
a Reliable Network Infrastructure

Our team fully manages and executes the entire range of deployment programs, starting from initial site evaluation, engineering to installation.

With the inclusion of individual site upgrades to multi-sites network overhauls, we leverage on our experiences to develop comprehensive network plans to allow people in our clients’ businesses to easily access data, share resources, get online and communicate effectively.

An effective network infrastructure must encompass these critical functions:

Remote Access

We equip your business with Remote Office capability. This allows the management to comfortably control Wide Area File Services (WAFS) to allow employees, who are constantly on the move, to access central files and applications at high Local Area Network (LAN) speeds over a Wide Area Network (WAN).

Collaborative Tools

Organizations can use their network infrastructure as a medium to train their staff to work together more effectively. For instance, several personnel, both local and remote, who are assigned to a specific project, can now view, discuss and edit important documents immediately within one single seating.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows the organization to access IT resources on the internet, rather than managing them in-house. For example, instead of running an in-house customer database on a server, the user can sign in to a service that is provided for him online, and promptly access the relevant information.

Central File Storage

Once the network infrastructure is successfully set up, the client can save everyone’s work to a central, secure, regularly backed up disk.

Centralized Applications

Applications accessed by several people at the same time, for e.g. CRM software, work optimally when you have an efficient network infrastructure.

Shared Resources

Having a network infrastructure makes it easy to share hardware, such as printers and scanners, between co-workers in the organization.

Permissions Control

A robust network infrastructure helps to increase security by restricting access to files, folders or software.


These high-powered computers give the flexibility to run centralized applications, but can be complicated to manage and can drastically increase the network cost.

Network Security

Firewalls can be installed during the development process of the network infrastructure to assure the integrity of the network.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

To avoid data loss in the event of a power outage, critical pieces of equipment, such as network servers etc, are connected to Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). These will provide power for a short time, allowing the staff to save the data that they are working on and for the IT personnel to shut the systems down properly.

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