The modern globalized business environment needs technology to assist in multi-way communication with their partners, suppliers, internal teams, investors and customers. A high quality video conferencing solution enables businesses to communicate as effectively as actually being there in person, to achieve engaging and productive experiences with the other parties, thereby resulting in strengthened relationships that are needed to drive optimal business successes.

At Lantone Systems, we offer 3 types of conferencing tools:


Audio conferencing

allows multiple callers to join in a conversation by dialing into an audio conferencing bridge.
Participants will be provided an access number, a conference ID and possibly a secure pin number to uniquely identify the participant and to improve the security of the call.
Call organizers may send documents via email to participants in order to provide background data or perhaps to review documents in the call.


Web conferencing

allows users to share computer based content through the public Internet, intranet, or other IP network through a browser. Our web conferencing solutions provide the ability to view another person’s computer screen, sharing control of documents and desktop between users, host and distribute web-based presentations and software demonstrations. Web conferences are usually combined with audio conferences to provide content and voice sharing capabilities.


Video Conferencing

Intentionally designed around collaboration, our Video Conferencing solutions focus on enabling communication in all of the different ways people meet — direct and meet-me, instant and scheduled, on any device and in multiple languages.

Conference rooms and huddle rooms can be set up with video systems that can connect to other conference rooms and to remote users on laptops, tablets and smartphones. Participants can share their screens with the group and can dial in via an audio bridge if video is not convenient to them at that moment.


Our solutions provide features which are designed to give you the smoothest conferencing experience possible. With the ultimate combination of simplicity and quality, your virtual meetings are as lifelike as if every participant was in the same room, facilitating the exchange of information and boosting the effectiveness of the two-way communication.


Instant & Scheduled Calls

Call anyone in an instant or have everyone dial into a virtual meeting room at a scheduled time.


High-definition (HD)
Quality Content

High-fidelity video lets you see your fellow participants in the sharpest detail, as though you’re meeting them in person. Presentations, models, and other material can be shown on screen in utmost detail, to great effect.


Record & Share

Click to securely record your call from any device and then share it via your personal video library.


Multiple Modes

Choose between several video conferencing modes for settings most relevant to the situation. Use voice-activated switch (VAS) mode to focus attention on the current speaker, or Continuous Presence to display all participants at once, amongst other option


Ring All Devices

The video conferencing system, laptop, tablet and smartphone can all be ringed for a video call.


Total Interoperability

Our solutions provide a truly connected experience by being interoperable with major platforms in the industry such as Android, iOS, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, SIP, PSTN, H.323, Polycom, Cisco, Avaya e


Cloud-based Shared Directory

Every new contact is instantly added to the cloud-based directory. Each person and conferencing system can instantly access one another through the directory by simply typing a name to see who is available and click to call.


Single + Group Calls

To add another person or a conferencing system to the conversation, simply click on the name. You can add up to 40 names as you go.


Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)

AEC algorithms work to eliminates echoes from the audio output. With AEC, reverberation and feedback effects are removed, ensuring complete audio clarity.


Multi-point Control Unit (MCU)

The MCU makes simultaneous video conferencing between three or more locations possible, by acting as a bridge that interconnects calls from multiple sources. It is an invaluable tool for communicating with participants in numerous locations, whether they be personnel or clients.


Complete Security

We provide business-class security, data encryption and firewalls traversing so that confidential information can be shared with peace of mind and customers can conduct meetings with confidence.

The benefits:


Accelerate Speed of Business

Technology advancements enable businesses to transform and globalize. But these advancements also came at a cost – the human connection. One of the most compelling reasons to install a conferencing system is to enable businesses to make and maintain that human connection, to have closer and more connected relationships with clients, suppliers, partners and employees, irrespective of distance, and yet enhancing productivity and speeding up business at the same time.


Business Continuity

The weather, natural disasters, epidemics are some of the factors that affect businesses and are often totally out of our control. Video conferencing can keep you connected and help to ensure that your business stays up and running, even if disaster strikes.


Build A Collaborative Platform

Video conferencing is capable of connecting participants from three or more distant locations, and helping them to work together and gel as a team. Participants may share visual data otherwise possible only with face-to-face conversations, facilitate file sharing, and build a working relationship with each other much more easily than through faceless emails and telephone calls.


Competitive Advantage

Video conferencing has moved beyond the Fortune 500 boardrooms into businesses of all sizes. Small to medium-sized enterprises with limited resources are also benefitting from the reach that video conferencing allows them to have. Now these businesses can also share knowledge, meet more people, access a global supply chain, collaborate with customers and partners in real time, and making faster and more informed decisions. As a result, the time to bring a product or service to the customers will be much reduced, thus leveraging the competitive advantage for the business.



With the exponential growth of mobile devices and the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend, mobile and work-from-home employees will never have to tolerate missed opportunities for communication and collaboration. The inclusion of mobile in a company’s video conferencing strategy will allow this group of employees to collaborate in the same way as they would have in the office, minimizing the possibility for miscommunications and helping the team stay focused on the projects, thereby boosting efficiency and performance.


Enhance the Work/Life Balance For Your Staff

Hosting crucial meetings, training staff in various office locations, conducting presentations via video conferencing can help to reduce your staff’s wear and tear. They can have fruitful meetings around the world using the conferencing system and yet can be home in time for dinner. They no longer have to undertake frequent tedious travelling between offices and countries, sacrificing their family life for work and seemingly live on the road all the time. In return, the organization cuts down on business travel expenses and is also rewarded with a happier and more productive workforce that can achieve work targets using less time.

VoIP Conference Bridging vs 3rd Party-Conference providers

Our audio conference services allow you to hold conference calls for up to 30 participants. We offer conference bridging solutions which are easily configured without having to plan ahead or use a third-party conferencing provider.



Hosted on PBX


Cloud Computing Supported


All Internal Conferences are Free Without Per-Minute Fees


Host up to 30 Participants at One Time


Password Protection – Configure at Anytime


Hold Sales Trainings, Customer Trainings or Meetings Using an IP PBX


Maintain Same Dedicated Number for Conferences


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