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Leaving No Stones Unturned
With Systems Evaluation

Our consultants begin with a thorough systems evaluation, analyzing our clients’ pre-existing IT assets to determine how best to serve their needs. The comprehensive process that we use to evaluate our clients’ systems allows us to forecast any impending issues which we may encounter, allowing us to minimize the possibility of setbacks in the design and planning of our solutions.

Why Do We Start
With Systems Evaluation?

The reason is simple. We value all our clients and take it as our responsibility to ensure that each and every aspect of the organization’s IT ecosystem has been meticulously analyzed. By doing so, feasible solutions that can cater to the clients’ needs most effectively can be suitably recommended for implementation.


Fundamentals of Our System Evaluation Process



Our consultants review and identify problems to be avoided in the design of the new system. This will provide measures of effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction which can be used as a baseline for the new system.



Our consultants will verify which solutions are efficient, timely and reliable for all functional output levels, so as to minimize unforeseen mistakes in system integration platforms and provide a seamless flow of constant running communications in our clients' businesses.



Our team will produce a list of usability problems, categorized by importance and an overview of the types of problems encountered and the applicable measures. By doing so, the baseline for the new system is set up and will enable the functionality requirements to be refined to meet both business and users needs.



Costs that would be incurred for upcoming implementation and the subsequent potential savings and benefits during use and support will be discussed in depth with the client. This cost-benefit analysis aids in selection of the most cost effective methods to formulate the new implementation plan.



Upon completion of the feasibility analysis with the client, a comprehensive framework consisting of 3 main elements namely, System Models, System Development Process and Hardware / Software Architecture will be drawn up for the client to peruse and validate.

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