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The cloud is changing the way organizations approach their IT infrastructure, turning capital expenditure into an operational cost. As a cloud provider, Lantone Systems hosts servers and storage for clients who no longer have to buy hardware outright.

We know that many businesses want cloud benefits without having to abandon their IT investments. Others are looking to take the first tentative steps to align their infrastructure to the new delivery model.

Providing highly practical solutions for various IT resource challenges and requirements:

A cloud-ready environment

Our team can virtualize the client’s server estate to create a cloud-ready environment that cuts costs and makes the business more flexible while reducing the data centre footprint

Reduce hardware investment

For clients who want to avoid the continuous cycle of hardware investment, we host racks of rentable computer power and storage in our data centre, delivering all your IT needs from the cloud.


Our team deploys a suite of IT management tools that complement a cloud strategy. Being able to detect, diagnose, and correct problems while automating the most common management tasks, these tools allow a business to retain control and visibility of its infrastructure.

Dynamic scaling

If customers need more resources than expected, they can gain access to the resources almost immediately. Our team optimizes the environment so that the hardware, the operating system, and automation can support a huge number of workloads that may vary from time to time.

Business continuity

Virtual Desktops and Disaster Recovery solutions can be pre-packaged for consumption.

Seamless transition

Our infrastructure enables users to run complex, mission-critical, legacy applications, including SAP, Microsoft and many more with full cloud benefits, and without rewriting applications. We deliver service-level agreements for both application performance and availability. In addition, we provide a foundation for meeting national and industry-level security, compliance and auditing requirements.

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