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Why do IT projects fail?

The 3 most common reasons why IT projects fail are:

Lack of sufficient planning

The time the IT organization will take to create, test and implement the project deliverables and resources needed to be devoted are not realistically considered.

A rushed project timeline

Many organizations sped through development efforts and systems implementations in order to be first to market with new, IT-based products, services and capabilities. This increased the risk of a project failing due to inadequate planning, risk assessment and testing.

The project scope is too unwieldy

A large, complicated and cumbersome project has to be broken down into a series of smaller, more manageable projects. By failing to do so, large IT projects often cost much more than planned and can even put the whole organization in jeopardy when IT and business values do not align.

5 Phases in our
Project Management Life Cycle


How can our Project Managers help?

Focused Strategic Goals

Through planning, monitoring and built-in controls, projects and programmes are managed with attention to every detail and subjected to ongoing reviews to ensure that timelines are met and milestones achieved. Risk is managed, quality maintained, and budgets adhered to.

Repeatable Success and Disciplined Professionalism

Our Project Managers get the job done, on time and in budget. We are continuously improving our methodologies and processes, adhering to best-practice standards and industry trends, skilling up to master new disciplines as they become available.

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